Special Guests Jill & Joey Remote Energy Clearing & Blessings on Soul Sisters Show Oct 21st 2021

Soul Sister’s Show and Hosts Sue & Anne welcome Special Guests Joey & Jill’s discussing their journey of Remote Energy Clearing and Blessing Processes that Joey uses with clients around the world. Joey and Jill have been doing this work since 1997.

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About Jill & Joey Korn

Joey Korn ran his family auto parts business for 15 years until he sold it at the end of 1992. He then dedicated the next few years to revise his father’s memoir, get it published, and promote it. Abe’s Story: a Holocaust Memoir was published in 1995, and has inspired thousands of people around the world. Abe’ Story has just recently been translated into German and being distributed there.

In 1997, Joey and is wife, Jill, started their current business, Dowsers.com. Joey has been teaching dowsing and offering space clearing services for 24 years. In the last five years, Remote Personal Clearing & Space Clearing has been his full-time work, while Jill has focused on product sales through their website, client relations and managing their office as well as being integral to his dowsing work.

They hold retreats in their home a few times per year. Joey has been a passionate dowser for 35 years and has explored many types of dowsing. He has been guided from within along the path of personal energy clearing and space clearing, which is his true passion. He helps others around the world with his coaching and his space clearing services, using unique techniques and understandings, which he has learned from his Inner Guides and Teachers.
In our conversation, we'll discuss Joey & Jill’s journey, how they learned along the way, and how Joey has masterfully simplified complex understandings into very simple techniques. When Joey has sessions with his clients over the phone, he now teaches them to do the energy clearings themselves, guiding them through the process which includes clearing everyone in that home, the home itself, and much more that Joey will explain. Jill will also tell us her role in working with Joey.

Connect with Joey & Jill
Phone 1-706-733-0204
You can learn more about their work at www.dowsers.com

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