Special Guest Dr Alan Walden DC - A Cosmic Artist with Soul Sisters Show July 29th 2021

Soul Sister’s Show and Hosts Sue & Anne ...

talking with Special Guest Dr Alan Walden DC

A __ C O S M I C __ A R T I S T

Power to your life force / Merge into Higher Dimensions Virus (FEAR) is blocking the connection to your Inner Self

Awareness of Body / Mind / Spirit

Remember - You Are A Spiritual Being !

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Art by Dr Alan Walden DC

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Special Guest Dr Alan Walden DC

About Dr Alan Walden DC


MY MISSION STATEMENT ​I express my innermost feelings through my art. I have always sought out spiritual knowledge and spiritual connections.

My hope is that my art provides you, the viewer, pleasure and the inspiration to look within. ​ In my own daily discipline and more especially when I create each piece of art, I center myself. I focus on being connected from the ground below to the infinite and all that is around me; I still my mind and allow inspiration to come through. While each piece of art is different, a common theme that emanates from all is the heart.

At the core of our heart/soul is love, which I feel sends out vibrating healing. ​Tapping into the true essence of our higher self and all that is good within us allows us to express beauty.

All purchases of Alan's artwork are donated to ​Airline Ambassadors International - they help orphans and vulnerable children around the world through the airline industry as first responders for disaster relief, medical escorts, humanitarian missions and human trafficking prevention Donation Link: http://www.airlineamb.org/membership/donate

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Website: Acosmicartist.com

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Much Love & Light

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