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Open your Mind FREE Online Course

Welcome to Academy for Inner Potential!

Academy for Inner Potential

Discover your own Psychic Ability, FREE Online Course ... Our FREE course Open Your Mind is the first step on your way to develop your own Psychic Abilities. The course is FREE of charge and contains 3 lessons. No prior knowledge is needed!

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We look forward to guide you, explore and develop your spiritual path in a safe way. Welcome to a really exciting journey! Check out our website and learn who we are and what we do at ... Since we are a Well Renowned School for developing Psychic Abilities, there are Other Courses for you to Proceed with after you finish your FREE Course.

Academy for Inner Potential are a school and a company for spiritual and psychic development. We turn to you who is interested in Spirituality, have an open mind and want to develop your own abilities. Since the start 2007, we are honoured to have been able to follow thousands of people on their spiritual path. Some of them are now working as mediums. We are located in Stockholm Sweden, where we offer High Quality Courses for Personal and Spiritual growth.

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Academy for Inner Potential

We offer Courses Online. Together with us you are able to discover your psychic potentialities. You are growing in a safe environment and are supported by very experienced teachers.

Find out MORE About US and our Courses.

We who run Academy for Inner Potential are Linda Liljeholt, Lottie Wahlin and Vendela Cederholm. Together and with the Teachers on Academy for Inner Potential, we have much experience in How to Guide YOU to find YOUR Psychic Abilities and Spiritual Potential.

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We are excited to see YOU on the Academy for inner Potential soon!

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