Energy in Colors December 12th 2019

Updated: May 5, 2021

A taste of the energy every Thursday of the week ...

This energy brings much unseen and yet it's a powerful and very loving energy. The energy urges you to sense, feel, hear all the support you have from the other realms and dimensions. There's no need to see with your physical eyes, just sense, feel and hear it. It's real and it's there ... Archangel Michael and his Legion of Light is right beside you. Connect with them. It's a good time to ask Archangel Michael to help you cut those cords that are affecting you, your life and the ones around you in your physical reality. Remember that you cut only those cords that are affecting you negatively and therefor you can't cut anyone out from your life who is not supposed to be there. Connect with Archangel Michael and trust the process. You are a wonderful soul connected to all there is and you are doing just fine!

“All is energy, frequencies and vibrations”

Much Love & Light

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