My thoughts on the Spiritual Path

Here's an inspirational writing for you on your path:

"I do not dwell on the past, for it does not exist, and neither do any stains from the yesterdays of life. I do not think about what will happen tomorrow, because tomorrow is yet unknown, a blank page to be filled. I am only living in the present moment, because it is the only thing that exists"

I love the writing above because it reminds us of what's important and that we really have just the present moment ...

We always create our experience through our choice, either subconscious or conscious. We are the ultimate authority of our own experience through our free will. We are all always 100% responsible for how we create and have created our own circumstances, results and consequences. All choices create a consequence and hold the same energy as the choice that created it, the Law of Karma. Any consequence created in the physical dimension must be worked through and dissolved consciously through new choices made during incarnation. Issues have to be resolved at the same dimension level where they were created.

We are given the beautiful gift of free will, we create through our free will. No one else can ever create our experience for us and we cannot create anyone else’s experience for them. No one else has the power to affect us unless we give that power to them. We are all unique. We are always the most powerful authority in our lives. No other soul, energy, entity can ever interfere with our free will. We are the creator of our own experience and when we have clarity of intent through consciousness, there is nothing that can interfere with our free will. We are here for our soul to experience itself through its creation and the purpose is to create and experience. Therefor, there is nothing to be looked at as either good or bad, the soul has always created the experience. There are only judgement, assumptions and opinions made from a human perspective.

When we are conscious of energies or issues that we consider as negative, we have the power to clear them at once. Energy always follows intention and all that is needed to clear something effectively is a conscious choice. We are all Divine and we take full responsibility for our results. We focus our attention on our human experience here and now. Spiritual information is always available to everyone and it is never misleading, mysterious or flattering to the ego. Spiritual information hold information to help us make conscious efforts and choices to create results in our lives.

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Love & Light

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