Soul Sisters Show Thursday November 7th US/EU & Friday November 8th AU 2019

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Meet Sheri Myers - Screenwriter, Producer, Activist, Host of “How to Connect with Angels” Podcast and Creator of "Angel Prayer on Alexa" talking about Second Chances & How IMPORTANT Healing is ... PLUS her FILM "Angel Lady" ...

Soul Sisters Show on Scrolls of the Soul Radio with Hosts Sue Arizona US & Anne Rhodes GR

Soul Sisters Show

On today's show we welcome Special Guest Sheri Myers all the way from New Orleans, Louisiana in the US & we discuss her life mission and work as a Screenwriter, Producer, Activist, Host of “How to Connect with Angels” Podcast and Creator of "Angel Prayer on Alexa". We will talk about Second Chances & How IMPORTANT Healing is ... PLUS her FILM "Angel Lady" ...

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Sheri Myers motto is ... “Angels are Everywhere”

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Meet Sheri Leigh Myers

Sheri Leigh Myers is a screenwriter, producer, activist and podcaster, keenly interested in how we can personally, culturally, politically, and spiritually transform our lives to create community based on love, truth, and equality.

Sheri hosts “How to Connect with Angels” podcast, conducting interviews with authors, channels, religious leaders, therapists and healers all over the world who work with the Angelic realm. The podcast embodies and explores the message, “Angels are Everywhere.”

It is with this same intent that Sheri Leigh Myers and Sheridan Film Company have created My Angel Prayer on Alexa. The Skill offers FREE thirty-second prayers created and spoken by Angel Practitioners from around the world. You’ll see - taking less than a minute to listen can shift your entire day.

Sheri’s first screenplay, written with Edward Kovach, ANGEL LADY, about a strange phenomenon on an old TV set, is now a Sheridan Film Company production, set to film in El Paso in Spring of 2020 with Edgar Pablos directing. Sheri and her husband, Emmy award-winner Dan Moore, will serve as lead producers.

Sheri has also been featured in the book “Warrior Women with Angel Wings-Gleaning the Positive from the Negative” chapter title “How the Angels Dragged me to Higher Ground"

An excerpt from Sheri's Chapter in "Warrior Women with Angel Wings-Gleaning the Positive from the Negative"

... If we were not going to be able to show our future funders and distributors the arms length list of Churches committed to screening our movie, and buying our Study guide, if we could not guarantee those Faith-based butts in the seats, who in the world would actually buy a ticket? Who’s going to want to see this film about a glitch that may or may not be an Angel?

Out of the mouths of babes... this particular babe being my clever niece Megan, who works in social media as a professional. “Aunt Sheri, if you want to find people who love Angels, why don’t you start a podcast, and just interview authors and people like that? They have people who follow them, you know, and that’s your audience!” Of course my immediate reaction was just the same as when my friend proposed we run the Honolulu marathon. "Hey! How hard can it be?” I turned to You Tube and to my talented, electronically-inclined nephew in Phoenix, as well as our sound-recording savvy film intern.

We got the Yeti mic, the Audacity program, the website, the logo, and the spot-on title: How to Connect with Angels. To find our first guests, I simply started at the top of the list of best-selling authors and contacted Lorna Byrne, author of the international bestseller, Angels in My Hair. To my complete shock, she said, “Yes.” ...

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