Soul Sisters Show Thursday October 10th US/EU & Friday October 11th AU 2019

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

"Fairies Mythology - What are Fairies?"

Soul Sisters Show on Scrolls of the Soul Radio with Hosts Sue Arizona US & Anne Rhodes, GR

Soul Sisters Show

On today's show we discuss "Fairies Mythology - What are Fairies?" PLUS ... Your Calls for Questions & Mini-Readings LIVE On-Air ...

Hosting Todays Soul Sisters Show - Anne from Greece and Sue from United States... We take Your Calls & give FREE Mini-Readings LIVE On-Air.

You can connect with us on our Facebook Group "Soul Sisters - Soul Realignment"

We are the Show that discuss the Akashic Records, Soul Realignment, Healing Modalities & we LOVE to chat about ANY and ALL Spiritual Topics ...

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FREE Webinar - Manifesting Demystified!

Soul Realignment Readings are deep, powerful readings that will help you understand the Divine nature of your soul, why you experience the things in life as you do, how you can be realigned with your true essence, how you can express your soul and start to make the changes in your life you long for.

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The purpose of doing a Soul Realignment Reading is to find out about the Divine nature of your own Soul. We find information based on your Soul’s origination among with other factors, how you through choice have shaped your own experience over many lifetimes and much more. The information helps you in expressing your own Divine nature in your present life. The reading provides you with explanations to why you encounter and experience many of your current circumstances. All information provided is for you to understand what is going on in your life and how you, with new choices, can heal old patterns and issues and move forward. It’s about getting and being consious. The beauty of consciousness is that we are aware. We need to be aware so we can make those new choices and see the change we long for.

FREE Webinar - Manifesting Demystified!

Our teacher Andrrea Hess said: ”The point of Soul Realignment is to restructure the Divine Soul Blueprint back to how it was when the Soul was created by Divine Source - back to its state at its origination.”

When we have found out who you are at a soul level, gathered information about circumstances and issues that might stay in your way, we energetically ”clear” your Akashic Record of negative influences that have been created during your lifetimes, including this lifetime, by your choices. Any influence from others will be cleared as well. We all interact with each other all the time. These influences manifest in your current life as blockages. This opens up for you to make new choices and therefor shifts your experiences in this life from now on. The intention with this work is to assist YOU in your own work with yourself, so you better can align with your Divine Self and create a beautiful experience as a human. The reading and the work is merely a tool to help you to be aligned with you soul in your human body. Remember that your physical experience is not lesser than your spiritual experience. All your incarnations and your soul are equally sacred.

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What are the the Akashic Records? The Akashic Records are the energetic “book of life” and store all information about us as a soul from the moment of our origination from the Divine, all our incarnations, all choices we have ever made. We all have our own Akashic Records and because the Records contain information, it is fifth dimensional. The Akashic Records contain a huge amount of information and excist in all time and space. The human experience is a third dimensional experience, the fourth dimension is about the ego and the fifth dimension is about you as a spiritual being. All dimensions co-exist at the same time, but they are different in vibrations. Everything you think, say and do as well as all you have said, thought and done creates an energy that is ”recorded” in your Akashic Records.

FREE Webinar - Manifesting Demystified!

Read more about Sue as a Soul Realignment Practitioner

Read more about Anne as a Soul Realignment Practitioner

Join a FREE Webinar on Soul Realignment & the Akashic Records ...

How does Soul Realignment Help Me?

  • Soul Realignment sheds light on your entire Souls History by accessing the Akashic Records which can be seen as a huge Data Base in the 5th Dimension

  • Soul Realignment can help YOU to Align to your Divine Self

  • Soul Realignment helps YOU understand yourself at a Soul Level

  • Soul Realignment helps YOU to make Choices Congruent to your Divinity

  • Soul Realignment helps YOU with Blocks and Restrictions

  • Soul Realignment helps YOU understand whether this is Present Life Issues, Past Life Issues or both

  • Soul Realignment helps YOU to see the Choices you’ve made and grow from them

  • Soul Realignment teaches YOU to distinguish Negative verses Positive Choices and how they affect you

  • Soul Realignment can locate what Issues have arisen from YOUR Choices

  • Soul Realignment helps YOU understand what Chakras those Issues are seated in and Heal them

See you soon again!

Much Love & Light

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