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Sisters Show Thursday December 10th 2020

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Soul Sister’s Show and Hosts Sue & Anne talking about Angels & Ascended Masters ... Our Personal Stories ...

PLUS YOUR Calls for Questions & FREE Mini-Readings LIVE On-Air ... AND ... We would LOVE to hear YOUR Personal Story around Angels & Ascended Masters ...

We bring YOU Spiritual Topics every Thursday of the Month ... Hosting Today's Soul Sisters Show - Anne from Greece and Sue from United States ... We take Your Calls & give FREE Mini-Readings LIVE On-Air ... We also LOVE to hear YOUR Story ...

Listen to the REPLAY ...

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We are the Show that discuss the Akashic Records, Soul Realignment, Healing Modalities & we LOVE to chat about ANY and ALL Spiritual Topics ...

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Cord-cutting is a part of our daily Spiritual Hygiene and is very helpful for clearing the energies around us. As conscious Spiritual Beings we often radiate light that can attract energies that can be draining for us and therefore needs to be worked on, released, cleared and cut. Cord-cutting with Archangel Michael is a procedure that helps us maintain our vibrant light.

Cord Cutting with Archangel Michael

If you haven't done this before or if you need help with clearing, this is a short prayer/affirmation that is easy to do on a daily basis as a part of your cleaning process. Just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower for your physical body. Your Spirit and Soul needs a little maintenance as well. If you find yourself in times of much tension, weird energies or maybe conflicts ... practice this as many times you need every day. Sometimes that can mean many times a day. Remember that it takes a short time to do this and it's very well invested effort.

Curious about Soul Realignment and how it can HELP YOU? Soul Realignment is a very POWERFUL Healing Modality bringing you information that are of significance at this very moment in time to help you understand how to overcome blockages and what your Soul's Energetic Divine Blueprint looks like ... Sign up for a FREE Webinar at www.scrollsofthesoul.com/webinar ... We promise, it's a life changing experience ...

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Much Love & Light

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