Soul Sisters Show Thursday February 25th 2021

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Soul Sister’s Show and Hosts Sue & Anne welcome Special Guest Jim Rajan all the way from Spain discussing Jim's NEW Healing Ceremony and Standing in the River of Life

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About Jim Rajan

I believe in humanity. I believe in human beings and I believe that we are here to help each other. To help each other grow. To bring out the very best in one another. It’s a basic human need… connection and sharing, and it’s how we can live in a way that is much more than simply surviving.

As a healer it gives me such joy to support others and help them find meaning and purpose in their lives. It’s something very dear to my heart and I cherish the opportunity it gives me to bring value to this world each day. But, also as a healer I know that I’m not the one who ‘heals’. I simply provide a secure and unconditional environment in which a person’s own innate capacity to influence their own lives restarts it’s own cycle.

As a distance healer I find my work in great demand and I’m deeply grateful for that. My Healing Ceremonies are helping people around the world to understand themselves, and their true place in their own lives. When we live with purpose, using the cycle of meaning and mission, life becomes richer, more joyful, more free. It’s more than just a ‘mindset’, it’s a way of being. We live in a more responsible and responsive way and so naturally we reap the benefits of that.


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