Soul Sisters Show Thursday July 25th US/EU & Friday July 26th AU 2019

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

"Past lives - Parallel Lives - Alternative Lives”

Soul Sisters Show on Scrolls of the Soul Radio with Hosts Sue Arizona US & Anne Rhodes GR

Soul Sisters Show

On today's show we welcome Special Guest Mica Cascarano discussing “Past lives - Parallel Lives - Alternative Lives” Mica is a certified teacher, life coach, hypnotist, yoga instructor, thai massage/ Aromatouch/Reiki practitioner, as well as a kirtan artist, shamanic journey guide …

Hosting Todays Soul Sisters Show - Anne from Greece and Sue from United States...

We are the Show that discuss the Akashic Records, Soul Realignment, Healing Modalities & we LOVE to chat about ANY and ALL Spiritual Topics ...

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About Mica Cascarano

Mica is a Certified Teacher, Life Coach, Hypnotist, Yoga Instructor, Thai Massage/ Aroma Touch/Reiki Practitioner, as well as a Kirtan Artist, Shamanic Journey Guide (have been doing Shamanic Work since the early 90s and Native American Ceremonies) and one of her personal favourites is being a Certified Fairyologist. Her passion for the Fairies, Animals and the Environment was further ignited by many trips to the UK. She have offered Fairy Fun Shops for children during the summer.

Mica have a spiritual gift of discovering portraits of people from the past who look like people in the present. She discovered her first portrait of herself around the age of 3-4.

A photo of Mica (Michele Therese Berg) along with Margarita Maria Teresa Hapsburg

To date she have found over 150 people in paintings from centuries past that resemble people from the present, many are "famous" people of the past as they were the ones who had paintings/portraits done, such as royals, artists, composers, writers/philosophers, etc... from various Houses such as Habsburg, Bourbon, Tudor, English, Scottish, French, Italian, German, Austrian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc… and even a couple of Swedish historic celebrities such as Von Fersen. Not only is there a physical resemblance between the people then and now but there is even some names that carry over as well as personalities and most of all relationships.

This gift has guided her to Past Life Regression which is now her Primary Healing Modality and Specialty. She did her first Regression in 2001 and have since become a Certified Hypnotist and attended 8 Workshops as well as trained with Dr. Brian L Weiss at Omega Institute. She have worked with Dr. Linda Backman, Dick Sutphen, and she is currently training in QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) by Dolores Cannon. She plan to attend a Workshop with Peter Woodbury of the ARE in September.

Her spiritual pursuits have guided her to travel extensively, mostly to Mexico over 25 times and Europe over 50 times. She is very excited to travel to Egypt this Fall as that is one of the places that she have been drawn to since early childhood and that also has surfaced during Past Life Regression. She is bilingual as she was a Spanish teacher for almost 30 years.

Her current focus is offering Past Life Regression Workshops and Private Sessions which she truly feel is her Life Purpose. Her company is called Soulitary Journey Past Life Regression.

Although she have a long list of modalities, this is truly what is in alignment with her soul, to facilitate them accessing the information of the subconscious for their soul journeys.

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Soulitary Journey Past Life Regression

Energy in Colors

Energy in Colors July 25th 2019

This is a beautiful energy of healing connected to Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, the Divine Mother of all. There is protection present in many layers and dimensions.

“All is energy, frequencies and vibrations”

See you soon again!

Much Love & Light

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