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Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Soul Sister’s Show and Hosts Sue & Anne welcoming Special Guest Rocky Krogfoss discussing How Healing Truly Occurs ... AND ... What Does it Really Mean to be Empowered?

PLUS Your Calls for Questions & Mini-Healings LIVE On-Air with Rocky ...

He will be doing Mini-Healing for Migraines, Physical Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Feeling Lost, Feeling Stuck and more ...

You can still ask Questions for Mini-Readings but we ONLY ANSWER them in the Chat Room at ... since we dedicate this Episode to Mini-Healings ...

Extended 2 Hours Episode ...

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Soul Sisters Show

On today's show we welcome Special Guest Rocky Krogfoss discussing How Healing Truly Occurs ... What Does it Really Mean to be Empowered?

PLUS Your Calls for Questions & Mini-Healings LIVE On-Air with Rocky ...

Hosting Today's Soul Sisters Show - Anne from Greece and Sue from United States ... We take Your Calls & give FREE Mini-Readings LIVE On-Air.

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About Rocky Krogfoss

Quantum Educator, Healer of Chronic Pain and Mental Health Challenges, Creator of the Modality Quantum Emotional Healing, Author - 2 books, Webinars / workshops Empowering Women


It is a pleasure to share my incredibly unique story about how I became intimately involved in helping people heal pain / trauma without drugs, machines, or health products. 25 years ago I had an emotional breakdown from the pain of an inner child nightmare life.

I began healing with an extremely gifted Channeling Healer. Over 500 hours of intimate healing work with a group of Spieir Guides named Masian Dia. In 2001, I met one of my three Spirit Guides named DESIA. It was very emotional and revealing as I discovered why I choose my horrid father as my father in this life, it was a karmic debt to him from a lifetime hundreds of years ago.

In 2006, I met my main Spirit Guide who is rather famous, which shocked me. His name is Seth. He was channelled through Jane Roberts in the 60's through the 80's and she wrote several books on the nature of reality called SETH SPEAKS ... (viewable online.) He told me about my gift of healing pain magically and quickly, why it works and how to create a modality to use it.

Officially, I am a Quantum Emotional Healer, a modality that I created. It is NOT ENERGY HEALING as many of you might think it is. My story begins 30 years ago when I discovered by accident, that I had an ability to help people release pain in a short period of time. I was aware of a woman who was at a union convention where the air was thick with hatred and judgment.

A friend of mine was deeply negatively affected by the immature nonsense going on within the two rival parties. She said she had a migraine, and the pain was awful. I volunteered my services to help her, and she agreed, having taken medication and it did nothing to help: I have zero knowledge at this point I can heal pain. All I did was put my hands on her shoulders and gently massage. AT this point in my discovery of my gift, I did not have a treatment process figured out, so I was going in completely blind. 20 minutes later, she opened her eyes suddenly, proclaiming that the pain was gone, completely gone. That was the first time I realized something unusual had just taken place.

Several years later, after a nasty downsizing in the telephone company I was in, I was looking to explore new opportunities. In a period of 1 month, 4 women, completely random showed up in my life with severe migraines, several days in length, looking like they had been in a boxing match. They each gave me permission to let me try and help them.

In every case the following results were noted and recorded:

1) The pain disappeared in about 20 minutes.

2) The women all experienced a cold sweat and dizziness after the pain was gone.

3) Both of us were surprised at what had just happened.

Each woman was eternally grateful and amazed how easy it was to RELEASE THE PAIN!

It was then I knew I was on to something really fascinating and ground-breaking. In the next 10 years, I buried myself in any wisdom I could get on how pain is created, that did not include the teachings of the limited non healing mindset of the medical system. This included 100's of hours researching Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Biophysics, DNA Frequency, Neuroplasticity, and Conscious Energy.

The result was a complete understanding of how humans manifest pain / trauma, and I began developing ways to implement this NO TOUCH, NO DRUGS, NO MACHINES treatment process that I have used successfully on clients everywhere on the planet using online connection technology, like ZOOM.

To date I have helped hundreds of mostly women, but a handful of men, release the pain of migraines in 10 - 15 minutes. The science clearly shows that if you are in a belief that releasing the pain is not possible, there is nothing I can do for you. This is because there is an understanding from Epigenetics that what you believe SUBCONSCIOUSLY controls the life you create. Therefore, this NOT a CURE, but instead if you are ready to heal the causation of the migraines, I can help.

It takes real deep emotional release work on a multitude of Unworthiness beliefs that all humans have. I will be delighted to share more about with anyone who wants to know more in a one on one with me.

I offer a FREE 1 HOUR healing session. No obligation. I am so confident I can help you with your migraines and the frequency of migraines, I offer this time without a single dollar coming out of your pocket. I will be Healing Migraines, Physical Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Feeling Lost, Feeling Stuck and more ... If you agree that you would like to explore deeper work, we can arrange a series of sessions to work on the core of the migraine creation.

I have hundreds of testimonials and a few YouTube videos from those I have helped heal pain / trauma.

Connect with Rocky Krogfoss

President of New Beginnings Therapy Quantum Emotional Healing



Social Media: Quantum Talk with Rocky Krogfoss on Facebook

Go to website ... See Testimonials ...

Find Rocky Krogfoss on YouTube ... with more Testimonials and videos ...

Testimonial on Healing Fibromyalgia + Kidney Stone pain in 10 min. with Quantum Emotional Healing

What is Stress: How do you heal it?

Proof that Migraines can be Healed Easily

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See you soon again!

Much Love & Light

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