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Soul Sisters Show Thursday May 30th US/EU & Friday May 31st AU 2019

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

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We're BACK & Celebrating our Come Back & our New Radio Network, Scrolls of the Soul Radio Network the whole month of May with Special Guests ...

Soul Sisters Show on Scrolls of the Soul Radio with Hosts Sue Arizona US & Anne Stockholm SE

On today's show we welcome Special Guest Jim Rajan discussing "Giving is Receiving"

Jim Rajan is a Flautist, Nicherin Buddhist, Musician and Composer of Music for the Heart, Philosopher, Kundalini Practitioner, He is a dad of a cancer survivor, He work with Sacred Music and are a Dance Buddhist.

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About Jim Rajan

Jim Rajan is a Flautist, Nicherin Buddhist, Musician and Composer of Music for the Heart, Philosopher, Kundalini Practitioner, He is a dad of a cancer survivor, He work with Sacred Music and are a Dance Buddhist.

He always wanted to be a musician in his own right. He worked in schools, for others, etc. but never had the courage to do it himself. Then he had Lua (who is obviously a crystal child) who was extremely ill as a baby and this taught him so so much about life and how brittle it is. So, he realised Ihe had to do this, He was compelled to do it. It came from a different place, not ego, not wanting anything, just a need to be of use and service.

He wrote a book on how to survive cancer naturally, but his heart is in poetry. He put poetry up on his Patreon Channel every week to help others find a place of conscious awareness within themselves, and he is planning to make a book of his writings.

Rajan is half indian, half English and never fitted into either category. He have always been different, and find it impossible to accept normality as it’s presented to him. He is an empath and that works for him and against him a lot. All his life he had struggles and that was the universe teaching him the value of his own strength and purpose. Music is the only way he can express how he feels and how he see the world. He have no musical training, and crave none. he just make music from a place to deep feeling, it;’s almost like the music comes to him. He just sit there and receive, hold and then give.

Everyone has psychic gifts but most of us had it drummed out of us when we were little kids. If you didn’t or you found a connection to it again, work your very best to keep it and use for the good of this fragile world. People will mock you, but remember nothing exists until you do.

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Twitter: Jim Rajan Music

Jim Rajan wants to share with you "the importance of authencity" and have en a previous guest on Soul Sisters Show January 24th 2019

A beautiful energy, well balanced bringing the energy of the Violet Flame and Ascended Master St Germaine. this is an energy which brings peace within and much going on outside of yourself. Even if there's much going on, the energy is very centered and brings clarity.

See you soon again!

Much Love & Light

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