Soul Sisters Show Thursday October 31st US/EU

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Great show today and you can listen to the REPLAY ...

Note: Because the time change around the world ... Time on show banner is incorrect for Sweden and Greece but correct for Meza and Pacific time in US ... Correct time for Sweden is 6pm and 7pm for Greece ... We apologise for any inconvenience ... Remeber that you can always listen to the replay of the show very soon after the show is finished.

"History of Halloween - How did Halloween start and why?"

Soul Sisters Show on Scrolls of the Soul Radio with Hosts Sue Arizona US & Anne Rhodes GR

Soul Sisters Show

On today's show we discuss "History of Halloween - How did Halloween start and why?" Call In and share your story about Halloween ... PLUS ... Your Calls for Questions & Mini-Readings LIVE On-Air ...

Hosting Todays Soul Sisters Show - Anne from Greece and Sue from United States... We take Your Calls & give FREE Mini-Readings LIVE On-Air.

You can connect with us on our Facebook Group "Soul Sisters - Soul Realignment"

We are the Show that discuss the Akashic Records, Soul Realignment, Healing Modalities & we LOVE to chat about ANY and ALL Spiritual Topics ...

Listen to the REPLAY ...

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Read more about Sue as a Soul Realignment Practitioner


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How did Halloween start and why?

Join us on Thursday October 31st, listen in, share your Personal Halloween Story or get a FREE Mini-Reading LIVE On-Air ...

How does Soul Realignment Help Me?

  • Soul Realignment sheds light on your entire Souls History by accessing the Akashic Records which can be seen as a huge Data Base in the 5th Dimension

  • Soul Realignment can help YOU to Align to your Divine Self

  • Soul Realignment helps YOU understand yourself at a Soul Level

  • Soul Realignment helps YOU to make Choices Congruent to your Divinity

  • Soul Realignment helps YOU with Blocks and Restrictions

  • Soul Realignment helps YOU understand whether this is Present Life Issues, Past Life Issues or both

  • Soul Realignment helps YOU to see the Choices you’ve made and grow from them

  • Soul Realignment teaches YOU to distinguish Negative verses Positive Choices and how they affect you

  • Soul Realignment can locate what Issues have arisen from YOUR Choices

  • Soul Realignment helps YOU understand what Chakras those Issues are seated in and Heal them

See you soon again!

Much Love & Light

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