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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Soul Sisters Show started in March 2018 with Hosts Sue and Anne when Dax Carlisle started a new radio network, Psychic Talk Radio Network. Both Sue and Anne had previously been guests on another Radio Network in the autumn 2017 run by Dax and we where both thrilled when we where asked to join the new network, Psychic Talk Radio Network.

We both had experience in other areas and other forms of reaching out to people, but radio was new to us. So, we thought a day or two and eventually decided to go for it. We had spoken about getting out there much earlier together with our soul sister Joyce Lillian but sometimes we find ourselves in situations in life that makes us have to wait a little for a certain thing to manifest in our reality. And ... now we are overly excited to finally be doing our own radio network together, Scrolls of the Soul Radio Network.

A Special THANKS to Dax Carlisle for helping us get our feet wet and learning the art of doing great radio shows. We will be forever GREATFUL!

You can find ALL PAST Episodes from Soul Sisters Show on Psychic Talk Radio here ...

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