Soul Sisters Show Thursday August 20th 2020

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Soul Sister’s Show and Hosts Sue & Anne discussing Numerology ... PLUS ... giving you a short Life Path Reading if you fill in the CONTACT Form at the bottom of the page ... Send in your information at least 5 hours before the Show goes LIVE on Thursday August 20th ...

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We bring YOU a Topic about Angels and/or Numbers every 3rd Thursday of the Month ...

Soul Sisters Show on Scrolls of the Soul Radio with Hosts Sue Arizona US & Anne Stockholm, Sweden ...

Soul Sisters Show

On today's show we discuss Numerology ... PLUS ... giving you a short Life Path Reading if you fill in the CONTACT Form at the bottom of the page

Hosting Today's Soul Sisters Show - Anne from Sweden and Sue from United States ... We take Your Calls & give FREE Mini-Readings LIVE On-Air.

Join us and find out what we talk about on this Episode ... We also LOVE to hear YOUR Story ...

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We are the Show that discuss the Akashic Records, Soul Realignment, Healing Modalities & we LOVE to chat about ANY and ALL Spiritual Topics ...

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Read more about Sue as a Soul Realignment Practitioner


Read more about Anne as a Soul Realignment Practitioner


Curious about the "secret" of the Numbers? Just like other Spiritual tools, numbers holds energy. Each and every number carries a specific energy and combinations of numbers can be really interesting energetically. Numerology is an old tool to help us read energies around people, locations, questions and much more. The history of Numerology stems back to Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Rome, China, Greece, and Japan. It’s unknown who actually invented Numerology but we know that it’s an old Philosophy. Another way to interpret numbers and to be given guidance from the Angels are Angel Numbers that in turn is connected to Numerology.

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