Angels, Spiritual Guides and Helpers

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Did you ever feel the presence of one or more of all your helpers? Everyone have Angels, spiritual guides and helpers surrounding them.

They show themselves to us in many different ways. You might get a tingling sense of a presence and you might see sign all around you. It's very common that Angels for example "strew" feathers around themselves. It happened to me many times. Then I usually see feathers everywhere and in the oddest places you can think of.

Other signs might be that you feel like someone is stopping you and you encounter obstacles when you want to do something. It might seem that you will not be able to do what your try to do. The computer malfunction when you want to show a special page you never had trouble viewing before, you want to write an email and there comes a text that's totally different from what you intended to write. This is often a way for the Angels and your spiritual guides and helpers to try to get your attention. The more malfunctions and obstacles you find doing something is usually their way to show you that you are out of your track. You can also get a feeling of that it's hard and kind of heavy. Listen to these signs.

“When things are easy to do, seems to just flow without effort and you have a feeling of lightness there is almost always help with your guidance as well. I've learned through the years to follow these signs. Sometimes they are very subtle but they come over and over again. Other times really big things happen and you can't just misunderstand that they are guidance. ”

The guidance very often come through our senses and feelings. Before you develop your spiritual and psychic senses it's often very subtle. Our psychic senses work through knowing, seeing, hearing, feeling and observing.

The angels usually like to whisper in your ear. It can feel like a pressure, a cap in the ear or like itching or a ringing sensation.

Much Love & Light

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