A Story of Transformation

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

A Personal Story

The "stigma”

It was Easter and I had the most amazing event happen to me on this day. As I got out of the shower, I was doing my normal routine when I happened to notice a shape on my right-side cheek. When I looked closer it was a butterfly shape that appeared on my face. I have never seen such a thing and started to research what this could mean. I located a site that spoke about butterflies appearing on Easter.

Stigma is a Greek word for a symbolic permanent mark.

My personal story

I started my conscious education in the spiritual arena around 2014. So many things occurred in my life that I was very aware of. It took me quite a long time and a lot of work to figure out what my purpose was. As a child and teen, I could recall seeing the dead, so I always knew something magical was there for me to tap into. Growing older, marriage and children came along so I never expanded myself during those years. It took​ losing many family members all in less than 3 years to open this door back up in my life.

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Much Love & Light

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