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Meet the My Angel Prayer Hosts - a FB LIVE STREAM EVENT

... BEGINS at 10 EST Wednesday, May 1 at HowToConnectWith Angels on FB. (Please “like” the FB page right now, to be notified of the launch of the Live Stream.)

Sheri Leigh Myers, host of of How to Connect with Angels podcast will host 30 minute interviews with me and 26 other Angel Communicators across the planet who will discuss how to connect more easily with the Angels and feel their presence throughout the day. It’s going to be fun, inspiring and informative, with LOTS of FREE Angel-related products given away throughout the day. I’d LOVE to see you there ...

My FB LIVE interview is scheduled for:

5pm Greece

We are celebrating the launch of My Angel Prayer, a FREE Alexa Skill, that offers powerful one-minute prayers to God’s Messengers asking their help with all aspects of our lives.

Taking a minute to listen can shift the entire day. Please go to our My Angel Prayer website to learn how to download Alexa and My Angel Prayer app.

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Here's the website with more info: www.myangelprayer.com

How to set up Alexa on your smart phone

For iPhone:


For Android:


How to enable My Angel Prayer skill on your phone:


NOTE: Step 4 – You will need to type in My Angel Prayer

Share this with your friends so they don't miss out and keep your eyes open for more details on this!

I want to send a Special Thank You to Sheri Myers who are the Founder and Creator of My Angel Prayer Alexa Skill for making this possible! You are fantastic Sheri!

Much Love, Light, Peace, Joy & Angel Hugs

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